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The Pasadena Residence is a new single-family, upscale home located on the impressive Pasadena hillside overlooking the Rose Bowl with beautiful views of downtown Pasadena. The 9,500-SF house was designed using a wrap-around technique often seen in mid-century modern homes, providing its residents the best views of the surrounding hillside. The home also features a 2,500-SF below-grade master suite located adjacent to the infinity pool. The pool sits at a slightly higher elevation, allowing occupants of the master suite to have a unique view from below the pool.

Miyamoto faced two challenges while developing their structural design: the house lies partially on top of a hill while parts of it cantilever over the edge, and it features large column-free spaces. To solve the former, our engineers designed the house with deep and shallow foundations and ensured that the structure is capable of any differential settlement, and the hanging sections are supported by cantilevered connections that complement the architectural profile. Lastly, the large spaces are fortified by a combination of steel and wood trusses in a stepped diaphragm design.

Pasadena, CA
$6 Million
11,500 Square Feet

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