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Jagdamba, known in Nepal as the foremost manufacturer of quality, high-strength rebar, has moved into the hospitality sector with their maiden offering of a luxury hotel for Hilton — the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton.

Miyamoto International provided the structural design of this 160-key, 14-story luxury hotel with three basement levels. To ensure that the hotel will be structurally operational shortly after an earthquake, Miyamoto designed the building to the Immediate Occupancy (IO) category as requested by the client by adding a number of advanced seismic shock absorbing devices known as viscous fluid dampers. Conducting a performance-based analysis of the building, Miyamoto examined the building’s probable performance in different earthquake scenarios to design the structural upgrade.

National, Indian and International Building Code standards were applied to the structural design. Throughout construction, Miyamoto will monitor quality by providing construction supervision. This is particularly important as it will be the first time in Kathmandu that a three-level basement will be constructed. The DoubleTree by Hilton also is one of very few buildings in Nepal designed to an Immediate Occupancy performance level by applying advanced engineering technologies, such as fluid viscous dampers.

Market Sector
Kathmandu, Nepal
Completion Date
Jagdamba Hospitality Group Pvt. Ltd
140,000 SF

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