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The Chaudhary Group is a multi-national enterprise that had its modest beginnings as a business in the Chaudhary House building.
Due to earthquake-related damage following the April and May 2015 seismic events, the owners of the Chaudhary Group were advised to tear down their headquarters and rebuild. A more cost-effective solution is a seismic retrofit to bring the building up to international standards for life-safety performance.
Miyamoto analyzed the building and provided a retrofit solution that consists of reinforced concrete shear walls strategically placed alongside the exterior walls of the building. This method is a simple and non-intrusive repair and seismic strengthening method that is a cost-effective means to improve building performance to better withstand a future earthquake event.

Market Sector
Boudhanath, Nepal
Completion Date
Chaudhary Group
35,748 SF

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