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Earthquake Structural Engineers Dispatched To Morocco Disaster

Los Angeles, California —  Following the devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, Miyamoto International is dispatching an international team of expert structural engineers and shelter experts to the disaster zone. This team will assess buildings in the affected areas, prioritizing identifying and securing safe and unsafe buildings. The mission is to expedite the recovery process for 100,000s of the population who lost a secure place to live. The program will be coordinated closely with the Moroccan government and international aid agencies.

In the face of tragedy, the world must unite to aid those in need. We are hoping that we can share successes and failures from past earthquake disasters, for the people of Morocco.” – Dr. Kit Miyamoto, CEO

In these critical times, structural engineer and humanitarian coordinator Dr. Kit Miyamoto is leading this team of experts. We maintain constant communication with local authorities and international agencies to gather updated data. We also maintain collaboration with World Central Kitchen, known for its rapid disaster food relief efforts, to address the immediate needs of those affected by the earthquake.

For Media Inquiries:

Jorge J. Berrios
Communications Director

Shaína I. Cabán Cortés
Communications Coordinator

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