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On The Ground In Türkiye: Eyewitness Account Of A Structural Engineer
On the Ground in Türkiye: Eyewitness Account of a Structural Engineer

Türkiye – February 20th, 2023

The recent devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria have affected more than 20 million people, with approximately 2 million losing their homes or being forced to evacuate, further compounding the region’s humanitarian crisis. In response to requests from international agencies and the United Nations, Miyamoto has sent a team of engineers from its Türkiye and California offices to assess the cause of the disaster and the recovery process.

The level of pain and suffering is immense, and the need for international support is enormous. This humanitarian response is not a sprint but a marathon. We are committed to supporting the people of Syria and Türkiye in the coming days, months, and years needed for recovery.

Video Eyewitness Account from a Structural Engineer on the Ground


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