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Full Extent Of Damage From Turkey Quakes Takes Shape
Full Extent of Damage From Turkey Quakes Takes Shape

Nearly two weeks after a pair of severe earthquakes rocked central Turkey and northern Syria, the full extent of damage to buildings and other structures is beginning to emerge. With the magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 epicenters located hundreds of kilometers apart, the area affected is vast.

The official death toll for the Feb 6. quakes has passed 46,000, with more than 40,000 dead in Turkey and more than 5,000 dead in Syria.  The region also has a post-quake housing crisis, with Reuters reporting that at least 345,000 apartments are known to have been destroyed. By some estimates, up to two million people lost homes or were forced to evacuate.

Original Article By Jeff Rubenstone, Deputy Editor, News and Technology Engineering News-Record

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