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Hilton Hotel Will Soon Take Over The Kathmandu Sky
Hilton hotel will soon take over the Kathmandu sky

Hilton Kathmandu by Studio Symbiosis, located in the heart of Kathmandu valley, is a fusion of the rich heritage of Nepal interwoven with contemporary spaces and maximizes breath-taking views of the Himalayan mountain range.

The building is 64 meters high, resulting not just in a local but a global experience of visibility of the vertical fins light up as prayer flags throughout the city. A generous cantilever has been embedded in the design where the ground floor peels back to create a generous welcoming drop off area for the visitors.

Building section has been setup in such a way that the lobby, banquet hall, meeting rooms and service floor occupy the lower levels of the built form. This results in uninterrupted views starting from the first guest room floor and onwards, ensuring the guest experiences the majestic beauty of the mountains and Kathmandu valley.

Being located in Nepal seismic design becomes a very critical part of the design. Dampeners, shear walls have been provided to create this as an immediate occupancy building.

Original Article By Architect & Interiors India

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