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LA Seismic Ordinance Building Strengthening Solutions

We are experts at delivering earthquake strategies and high-performance engineering that reduce loss of life and increase building survivability. As the deadline to comply to the LA Seismic Ordinance looms, now is the time to take action. Strengthening your building protects your investment and saves lives. We have completed thousands of retrofits in earthquake-prone areas all over California and the world. Put our engineering expertise to work for you.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) to Strengthen Existing Columns:
This minimally invasive solution can be implemented when building columns do not meet LA Seismic Ordinance standards for code-compliance. After we perform building inspections, a plan is developed to add support where stress levels indicate potential column failure. Fiber Reinforced Polymer wrapping increases the strength and ductility of concrete elements without taking up space, like traditional retrofit techniques. FRP can be installed quickly and cost effectively. The first step is a building inspection. Contact one of our engineers to schedule your inspection today.

Tuck-under Parking Structural Reinforcement:
Tuck-under parking creates a serious risk to occupants, but can be mitigated through relatively simple seismic reinforcement techniques. This solution greatly reduces downtime while significantly increasing building strength in key areas of your structure. Each building is unique and solutions are tailored by number of  stories, building composition and seismic load. Our engineers can quickly develop a strengthening plan to fit your building and make it code compliant.

Installing Dampers for Seismic Stability:
Larger, taller buildings require a more robust solution. Dampers are basically shock absorbers for your building. Strategically placed, these dampers absorb the earthquake forces on a building rather than allowing the building to take the stress that can lead to irreparable damage, and in severe cases, collapse. Dampers are used to protect multi-story apartment complexes, hotels and other high-rise structures. Protecting your building investment as well as the lives of the individuals within it can be achieved through the use of seismic dampers. Let us show you how.

Shear Wall Additions Strengthen Building Structures:
Shear walls are used to counteract lateral movement in building structures. They can be constructed using concrete or wood, depending on your building type. Adding a shear wall, or walls, in key areas of your building can greatly increase its ability to withstand an earthquake. Constructing shear walls does not require your entire building to be vacated. Several methods can be used to minimize the construction impact to your residents. Call our engineers today to discuss these options.

BUILDING OWNERS: Join Miyamoto International earthquake engineering experts at Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Seismic Retrofit Resource Fair this Thursday. Let us show you how to protect your soft-story building and comply with the mandatory ordinance.

Seismic Retrofit Resource Fair
Thursday, April 7 from 4 pm to 8 pm
Los Angeles Convention Center

For more information contact:
Philip Yu, M.S., S.E.
P 213.572.0684 | C 858.405.3517

Ken Wong, M.Eng., S.E.

P 213.362.7778 | C 626.818.3373

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