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The new Loyola Marymount student housing project, with a construction cost of $57M, had two existing buildings demolished to make space for two four-story buildings with 635 beds covering 195,000-SF. Located in the heart of the LMU campus and next to the Doheny Hall and William Hannon Library, the freshman residence hall provides students with one- and two-bedroom units with communal restrooms, as well as a variety of amenities for students. The upper division residence hall provides similar amenities but also five-bedroom apartments which contain two double bedrooms, a single bedroom and a living space and kitchen. This hall also provides a typology unique to LMU known as “pods.” “Pods” house approximately 19 students in single and double bedrooms. Both buildings are of Type V wood construction over a conventional foundation. One of the challenges of this project was to provide the structures with stand-alone water, power and gas without connecting to the central utility plant. The project intends to meet LEED Silver or better.


Los Angeles, CA
Bernards/Steinberg Hart
Construction Cost
$57 Million

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