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Miyamoto International was invited by the Global WASH Cluster and German WASH Network to the European Humanitarian Forum 2024 in Brussels this past March 19. In its third edition, EHF 2024 explored humanitarian aid in a wider,  cross-sectoral context and the implications of the current, most pressing humanitarian crises.

EHF 2024 GWC

Miyamoto is a trusted private sector member of the Global WASH Cluster Standby Partnership (SBP), whereby we provide surge capacity support in response to humanitarian emergencies.

Dr. Kit Miyamoto participated in the technical dialogue of the “Joined-up Action for Collective Outcomes” session, speaking alongside Ms. Monica Ramos, Global WASH Cluster Coordinator, and Mr. Johannes Rueck, German WASH Network Coordinator. This session explored the central role that coordination plays in reducing the impact of crises and promoting learning from complementary approaches and key initiatives taken by humanitarian, development, and
peace actors through joined-up actions in the private sector toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for the 2030 Agenda.

Miyamoto International experts
abide by four fundamental
principles when responding to
humanitarian crises.
By upholding these principles,
Miyamoto plays a vital role in
complementing the efforts of
humanitarian actors and
fostering holistic and sustainable

Collective outcomes refer to jointly envisioned results that address and reduce humanitarian needs, risks, and vulnerabilities that require the combined effort of

humanitarian, development, and peace actors working together. As a global  engineering firm with a humanitarian focus, we firmly believe in private-sector engagement in such contexts. Dr. Kit Miyamoto shared our joint efforts with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and the International Organization for Migration in war-stricken Ukraine. He articulated our collective efforts to provide shelter and support for forcibly displaced individuals amidst the turmoil. As other issues arose, such as asbestos-containing structures and debris and waste management, Miyamoto International took proactive steps by establishing a local office in Ukraine. Through strategic partnerships with the private sector, we extended support to the government in addressing these pressing issues.

Purpose-driven is important. We are there for long-term commitment, localization; that’s
extremely critical.” – Dr. Kit Miyamoto

Through joint actions and the involvement of the private sector in vulnerable contexts, we can accelerate the progress of achieving WASH initiatives and management. As members of the Global WASH cluster, we are committed to bridging the lack of access to clean water and sanitation for all.

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