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Miyamoto is providing a high-performance seismic rehabilitation of this historic Catholic cathedral in the oceanside town of Jacmel, Haiti.  The building was originally built in two phases in the late 1800s. The main church and the wing addition were built in subsequent years. The roof of the building is light framed wood construction covered with metal roofing. The walls are constructed of rock masonry and mortar and are between 30 feet and 40 feet in height.

The cathedral has been unused since the 2010 earthquake because of large cracks in the walls that left the building severely compromised. The structure will be supported by 74 triple-pendulum base isolators to protect this historically significant cathedral and its parishioners for many years to come. Isolating the building from the ground on flexible bearings or pad will allow it to only move a little or not at all during an earthquake. It’s a thoroughly modern remedy for ancient structures such as this one.

Market Sector
Historic Preservation
Jacmel, Haiti
Completion Date
$4 Million
10,000 SF

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