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MILAN, Italy -- For the first time in history, a famous World Heritage masterpiece, Michelangelo’s Pietà Rondanini, will be fitted with special high-performance engineering technology -- a base isolation system -- to protect it from earthquakes and traffic vibrations.

Protecting Michaelangelo's Last Masterpiece...
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Kit Miyamoto thinks buildings shouldn't just remain standing after a big earthquake. They should remain structurally sound. Miyamoto, president and CEO of seismic engineering firm Miyamoto International, is on a mission to promote that view.

H. Kit Miyamoto: Quake expert picks up the pieces...
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California 4-story Building Goes Up in Two Days: Watch Timelapse...
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California city hall opens with FEMA-funded seismic upgrades...
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Miyamoto Expands to Liberia - Meet Samuel Thompson, the former Managing Director of Liberia’s National Housing Authority...
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The San Diego Miramar College Library and Learning Resource Center serves as a three-story library, but also as space for

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