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Miyamoto is a global engineering, construction management and project management company that provides critical services that sustain industries and safeguard communities with offices worldwide.  We are a local company with global capacity. Our strategies save lives and impact economies.

3x Winner ENR Best Global Project Award!

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Miyamoto International

Today! Dr. Kit Miyamoto will be on at 2:30 pm. Event begins at 12:45 pm. Live stream will be here:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8_C7_VNRks&feature=youtu.beWe are officially two weeks away from our main event‼️Today we are announcing our amazing speaker Dr. Kit Miyamoto, CEO of Miyamoto International. Dr. Miyamoto built a global earthquake structural engineering firm from a five-man Sacramento company into 19 offices in 12 countries with one simple purpose: make the world a better, safer place. From iconic projects such as Theme Building at LAX and Michelangelo’s Pieta Rondanini, to helping countries from Nepal to Costa Rica mitigate disaster risk, his firm has completed more than 20,000 challenging projects worldwide. Miyamoto has won the ENR “Best Global Project” award an unprecedented three consecutive times, in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Major media such as ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, NBC, the Discovery Channel, the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and Rolling Stone have profiled their work. To learn more about the amazing Dr. Miyamoto visit our website tedxcsus.com/speakers‼️🌎🌍🌏
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Today! Dr. Kit Miyamoto will be on at 2:30 pm. Event begins at 12:45 pm. Live stream will be here: 

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The repair of the heavily earthquake damaged Gaddi Baithak palace continues to move forward! There are many... t.co/3pZ0Nw4uic

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@suzyesp So sad to see this juxtaposition.

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Incredible video of patients being evacuated from Kaiser Hospital in #SantaRosa #NapaFire t.co/cxF686RSnP

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Day 1: Mexico City earthquake disaster. Keeping USAR team retrieving bodies in collapsed buildings safe. t.co/N8DZFxrJbp

Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief

Nonprofit Earthquake Engineering Experts

Miyamoto Relief is the only nonprofit structural engineering organization in the world providing technical expertise before, during and after a disaster. Our mission is to save thousands of lives through state-of-the-art engineering in communities in need. Miyamoto Relief works globally to save lives through engineering, especially in places affected by disaster. One of the reasons we exist is to send teams of engineers to help affected populations after an earthquake. This is particularly important in developing countries, where the lack of engineering knowledge is critical for the life safety of community.

  • Miyamoto, they bring all the expertise, taking into account the seismic area that we are in. – Richard T. Hale III, The Hale Corp.

  • They can be counted upon for creative solutions that balance risk from the perspective of a principal. We value their work with the highest regard. – Kipp Blewett, Rubicon Partners

  • There are dangerous buildings everywhere on earth. Unless we speak out and build better, we will see many more of  these tragedies in our lifetimes. – Kit Miyamoto

  • Yeah… Save people. Protect people. Teach; it is your mission … Never stop moving to the end of the world to do the best things. – Facebook Follower

  • It is nice to see the proactive approach you and your team have undertaken for Nepal earthquake… I still remember one of your slides, which says, ‘There is a cost for doing nothing.’ – Tamorish Kole, Society for Emergency Medicine, India


  • As structural engineers, we have a responsibility to prevent these disasters. – Kit Miyamoto

  • After talking to Miyamoto, we decided to do a complete retrofitting of the structure as well as an expansion. An earthquake by itself is not a fatality. It is how you build that makes the difference. – Richard Buteau, Karibe Hotel Owner

  • This building can withstand an unlimited number of earthquakes. That’s the difference… In the event of a major earthquake, this airport will be the center of emergency response for Southern California. – Dan Feger, Executive Director, Bob Hope Airport