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2022 Afghanistan Earthquake Technical Assessment Report


Early in the morning of June 22, 2022, an M5.9-6.0M1 earthquake struck eastern Afghanistan resulting in

extensive loss of life and damage to housing. Miyamoto International (Miyamoto)’s Engineering and

The shelter team was engaged for a 10-day mission to identify common building typologies, a common failure

modes, and possible mitigation strategies. The team assessed

a) Whether the current vernacular housing typologies were appropriate for the seismic risk

b) The technical cause(s) of house failure

c) The appropriateness and financial viability of repairing/retrofitting damaged houses for use as

emergency/transitional shelter prior to the onset of winter

d) The percentage of houses that could be rapidly repaired, upgraded, or reconstructed

e) Strategic advice to the shelter cluster on repairs or reconstruction assistance.

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