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As the third anniversary of the earthquake approaches, Haiti Public Works (MTPTC), supported by Miyamoto and various partners, has repaired and strengthened 14,952 damaged households in the region, which has affected more than 105,000 people. This work was performed by trained Haitian small contractors.

“The original 16 contractors aren’t so small anymore,” said Dr. Kit Miyamoto. “One company that I know grew from two people to a 100-person operation. Their business is strong and has provided a lot of jobs.”

Through the training of over 6,000 masons and 600 engineers, a solid groundwork has been laid for better building practices and economic growth. All of Miyamoto’s programs in the region have been led by the Haitian commercial sector, small businesses and the MTPTC.

“It is so critical to provide sustainable economic development in Haiti,” said Mrs. Guilaine Victor, Miyamoto Program Manager. “It was an unprecedented disaster, but this could be a turning point for people in Haiti, and I am so honored to be a small part of this effort.”

Mr. Alfred Piard, Director of the MTPTC, commented that, “here at the Ministry, we are working toward creating a stock of buildings that 15 to 20 years from now can resist future earthquakes.”

The next step will be to tackle the repair or rebuilding of the 40,000 heavily damaged red tagged buildings in Haiti. Follow the progress with Dr. Kit Miyamoto’s journal, which chronicles his experiences in rebuilding communities around the world.

Haiti is rebuilding itself to become an earthquake-resilient community.

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