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Day 3: Finale Emilia Earthquake May 22, 2012
Post Series: Finale Emilia, Italy 2012 M 6.0

We arrive at Carpi in the morning to arrange the visit to the church of San Nicolò (XV) together with the engineers of the Municipality. Carpi is located about 30 km from the epicenter.The structures there had not collapsed, but had some damage. Upon a more detailed examination of thecondition of the property, we noted several damaged areas  the damage included detached fragments of plaste, pillar damage and detachment of some key bricks.

In the afternoon we went to Buonacompra,  where we are witness to the recovery of a crucifix from a heavily damaged church.The operation is very dangerous and is followed by a number of international broadcasters; it ends with the applause of the many people present.

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