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Day 9: Finale Emilia Earthquake May 29, 2012
Post Series: Finale Emilia, Italy 2012 M 6.0

A new M5.8 earthquake hit the Emilia this morning at 9 AM (local time). So far there are at least 10 victims and many buildings collapsed and reported damages. According to sources, two priests were killed in the collapse of their churches in Carpi and Rovereto in Novi, and at least 4 workers were killed in the collapse of the factories where they were working.

The new earthquake had its epicenter in Mirandola, 30 km west of the earthquake of May 20, it occurred at a depth of 5-10 km and would have activated a new fault line, according to initial assessments of italian INGV. 

The earthquake was felt throughout northern Italy, in some regions of center Italy and also in Austria. Many schools, offices and public buildings were evacuated in North Italy and in Milan too. The service of trains between North and South Italy has slowed or stopped to allow the assessment of stability of the lines. Experts say new strong shocks are possible. We will continue to send in reports from the field as new information arises and time permits. 

Evidence of liquifaction was witnessed in San Carlo.

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