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Miyamoto Haiti is engineering and building 34 schools throughout Haiti, in partnership with the Haitian government through the Fonds d’Assistance Economique et Sociale (FAES) and with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The school sites are mainly in remote areas of Haiti, outside of the capital.

These projects will be built to international standards for safety and quality. “There should be no difference in the safety standards for American children and for Haitian children. We need to ensure that all children are completely safe in their schools,” said Dr. Kit Miyamoto, CEO of Miyamoto International.

Although the process will be challenging, such as building on sites with no access roads, this project will continue to build the capacity of Haitian engineers, contractors and masons. Miyamoto Haiti will train the team on supervision, quality control, planning and construction management to keep this mission-critical project on track from the start.

“Our biggest challenge in Haiti is ensuring that construction is properly done,” said Guilaine Victor, Miyamoto Haiti program manager. “Our goal isn’t just to build safe schools, but to raise the quality of construction throughout Haiti.”

Funding for the 19 FAES schools comes from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Haitian government, while funding for the 15 UNICEF schools comes from the Belgian Government.

“We are committed to Haiti’s development,” said Dr. Miyamoto. “That is why we are investing in and expanding our operations here. Our trained Haitian engineers, masons and contractors can execute international-standard construction.”

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